Social Improvement of Chamel Gaspard Morell

The Grupo J Gaspard has 2 schools, the First, Juan Jacobo Rosseau, with more than 400 students, which owns 50% of the shares, and a school in the area of Guarenas, this is a school that charges no any kind of registration or per monthly. The Hermanos Gaspard always supported hundreds of the thousands of workers who have had, a scholarship scheme to help with the race, also some of the children of trabajores to complete their studies at primary, secondary and higher education. As one of its goals is to help young people to make a better country.

The Grupo J Gaspard offers a plan of financial support to institutions, assistance to children, among which is that of Teresa of Calcutta, in Venezuela to help homeless children, and has a monthly support plan such foundations.

Have made donations to churches, community boards, toys, an Ambulatory, construction materials, etc. It was also distributes food to social programs in hospitals and schools.

“Is a commitment from Jose Gaspard Morell and Chamel Gaspard Morell that through the Grupo J Gaspard, that all our staff and family, we must create a public awareness, be honest people, be serious people, for this reason our group has highlighted to be the most honest workers most competent and most serious market”

Jose Gaspard, Founder


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