The Enterprise Group of Jose Gaspard, Chamel Gaspard and Hermanos Gaspard

The Grupo J Gaspard was founded in January 1987 as a purely trading company for industrial wood, carpentry and construction in Puerto La Cruz, a port city in the state of Anzoategui in Venezuela.

With the experience of its founders, Jose and Chamel Gaspard in the area of industrialization and logging, the company not only buy wood for sale, but also buy timber logs and sent them to industrialize in sawmills rented to third parties, thus achieving a comprehensive income in both industrialization of the product and in marketing.

From the beginning the Hermanos Gaspard understood the importance of expanding outlets and variety of products to market where customers arrive and managed in one place for their work products. It is when in December 1987 bought the land from Porlamar, the largest city on Margarita Island, where in addition to selling all wood products began to break into the sale of building materials such as nails, roofing sheets, asphalt and cement products.

In 1989 he opened his office in San Felix Bolivar State which joined the line of marketing ferrous products, mesh, wire, tubular structural beams etc.

In 1989 he acquires the land from the current headquarters of Puerto La Cruz, where in addition to adding new mass-market products such as ceramics, sanitary, stick, etc., it took the decision to enter the branch ironmonger where construction began in Puerto La Cruz, Porlamar San Felix and large local hardware stores, was at the time that the idea of what the Grupo J Gaspard today.




In 1992 he opened the first branch with the innovative structure Patio and Shop.

In the year 1993 was the year of consolidation of the group as such where the buildings were completed shopping and deepened the operation of the new hardware.

After work during the year 1993 could not be concluded that operate under the old concept of hardware with such supermarket shelves where there was any kind of professional approach in this regard. Following the advice in the United States of America came to the conclusion that to grow in the business and household hardware store should change the physical layout and operation of firms using new procurement systems, motion control products, designs, shelving new and modern stores, which created a real store business transformation as such is where is born the concept of the new HOME DEPOT J GASPARD, Venezuela.

By 1994 it is expanding into Caracas in Guarenas and after almost a year and four months it took to complete Gaspard 2000, which built more than 3,500 m2 of show room and more than 5.000 m2 of garden sheds stores for the sale of materials construction.

With construction Guarenas was no change of government after the fall of the Venezuelan banking sector and currency instability that causes it implemented a change control program which delayed the processing of Hipertienda (UNIQUE CONCEPT IN VENEZUELA) as the Home Depot  J Gaspard  were based on the distribution of more than 50,000 imported goods.

This generated a delay of 1 year in the new stage of Grupo J Gaspard while getting necessary approvals from the authorities to future import requirements. In parallel, a change in the gender parity of the currency which devalued Bs/$90 to Bs/$170 with which the Grupo J Gaspard by high inventories cancel its bank debt in full.

In mid 1995 he had obtained authorization from the government for preferential imports with dollars and the Grupo J Gaspard was no debt in the financial system and local suppliers, was at that time, which made the decision to finance the transformation the Grupo J Gaspard , which had a guarantee of success not only for having a useful change to have preferential access to dollars but is going to have a foreign operation where purchases would be made directly with suppliers and not intermediaries exist usefulness of the operation was increased significantly.

In mid-1995 began with the transformation of Hipertiendas of Margarita and Puerto La Cruz, which opened in December 1995 and in 1996 transformed and opened the Hipertiendas of Maturin, San Félix and Caracas.

For 1998, the Grupo J Gaspard was comprised of companies specialized in distribution, transportation and marketing of mass consumer products in the area of building materials, hardware and home where they complement the operation of timber producers, builders, real estate, reconcile import and export, combine advertising and investments in financial institutions, logging concessions, agricultural and educational institutes.

The parent company J GASPARD C.A. HOME DEPOT consisted of 8 Hipertiendas located in: Puerto La Cruz, Porlomar, San Felix, Maturin, Guarenas, Valencia, Puerto Ordaz, El Tigre, Anaco

Puerto La Cruz

Is headquartered  the Grupo J Gaspard, which also operates HOME DEPOT J GASPARD. There are centralized business operations of the Group. Has its location on the main road east of the country intercommunal. This city is the center of economic and physical development both more important in eastern Venezuela and one of the first in the country. Traditionally Puerto La Cruz was the crossroads of east and currently lives in the petrochemical business, industrial and tourism. There are approximately 1 million inhabitants. The nearest port is the port of Guanta located 7 km from Puerto La Cruz and is the fourth largest port.



This was the first branch of  the Grupo J Gaspard, was located on Margarita Island, where tourism is the main economic activity, as well as the free port. Margarita has a population between 250,000 and 300,000, but with a floating population that reaches over a million and half people. The company is also located in inter-Avenue going to the island where all visitors to the island are forced to go through the site.






San Félix

Sucursal Hermanos Gaspard San FelixSan Felix is the sister city of Puerto Ordaz which are connected by two bridges over the Caroni River and part of Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar state’s largest. Economic activity is very broad, and basic industries are power generation, aluminum, iron, coal, gold, diamond, bauxite, etc. The office in San Felix is located on the highway that crosses the city of Puerto Ordaz and San Felix. This location is strategic for economic activity in the area as a platform for trade between Brazil and Venezuela as relations between  the Grupo J Gaspard and the north of Brazil had years.

As the only Hipertienda of its kind in that state the company decided to expand outlets to build a new Hipertienda in Puerto Ordaz. The nearest port is in the city of San Felix where access is through the Orinoco River.





Sucursal Hermanos Gaspard MaturinMaturin is the capital of Monagas. In this state there are major oil reserves in Venezuela and is the hub of the entire eastern oil development. In Maturin are currently the largest immigration of professional and technical staff of the oil industry and is also the most important agricultural state east of the country. It is the best-selling branch conducted at the store level and found a high percentage of foreign personnel and professional in the area, for which our stores are an essential point to address their everyday needs. Also as in Ciudad Guayana Hipertienda was the only of its kind in the state that helped the Grupo J Gaspard to take possession of an important sector of this market.






Sucursal Hermanos Gaspard GuarenasGuarenas suburb is the largest and most populous metropolitan area of Caracas. Caracas branch was the first step of the Grupo J Gaspard to have a presence in the Midwest and being the capital and the site of increased consumption in the country, was a logical decision to mount a Hipertienda also to grow toward the center -west and west of the country needed a storage facility in the central area. Being close to the first port, the port of La Guaira, facilitates the fate of certain routes of unusual places in the exchange of Venezuela to the world because not all carriers arrive at any port in Venezuela.







Sucursal Hermanos Gaspard ValenciaThe industrial city par excellence of the country where the industrial infrastructure of the country’s largest groups among Maracay, Valencia and La Victoria. The nearest port is Puerto Cabello about 40 km. of Valencia. It is the third city with the highest concentration of people and some of the cities with the largest middle class in the country making Valencia a city with relatively high purchasing power. The the Grupo J Gaspard Hipertienda was built in 1997.






Puerto Ordaz

Sucursal Hermanos Gaspard Puerto OrdazThe Hipertienda of this town is on the main road of the city is headed by multinational companies such as Makro and is 3 minutes from the airport, thus ensuring that all people arriving by air or ground to pass off the new branch. Puerto Ordaz is the main city of Bolivar state, which in turn is the richest in minerals and natural resources of the country. With the opening of this new Hipertienda consolidated presence in Ciudad Guayana where 20% increase in the Grupo J Gaspard sales. This branch was opened in the second quarter of 1999.






El Tigre

El Tigre is the largest city between Puerto La Cruz and Ciudad Bolívar. This city is linked to two more by a large urban metropolis. The shaft is “El Tigre, El Tigrito and San Tome. Among the three cities are about 400,000 people where there was still a lack of services and Hipertienda be the first company of its kind in the city. All this and taking into account that El Tigre is the hub of oil fields in the area justified the opening of the branch.


In 1998 the group built a branch in Anaco, city purely oil and market characteristics and services similar to El Tigre, but with a much smaller population. The original idea was to open a Hipertienda and patio, but on a smaller scale, and use the remaining land for housing, but under the instability of oil prices at that time coupled with the economic approach that of the government the Group decided to postpone the project.

The Grupo J Gaspard  covers a rather broad market in the area of construction, hardware and home which are served in each branch and in each region. Thus, in each marketed have two areas: to address PATIO branches such as carpentry and construction industry, and shops serving all customers in general, from housewives, contractors, decorators, retailers and the general public, with large rooms display products and all the comforts of a typical store GASPARD 2000.

Hermanos Gaspard In the Patio area, construction is the activity that was more affected by lower sales, this originates in early 1998 when the bank interest increased from an average of 20% per year to 40%, 60% and up to 95% in late 1998. This and paralyze the entire country’s economy, directly affecting the area of construction, since an increase in bank interest the sale of apartments and the market stalled in recession. The expectations of this year was that this situation will change significantly by the National Government and the Central Bank to lower lending rates. This was realized with the decreased rates of Monetary Stabilization Titles (TEM) which were down from December 1998 to March of next year, where in the last auction TEM were placed at 23%. As is known the trendsetters TEM and patterns of commercial banking rates and this trend was consistently falling.

The government, on March 25, 1999 ratified the intent and purpose of lowering lending rates and banking spread reduction and elimination of TEM in this way to revive the banking intermediation and credit activities in industrial sectors , agriculture and construction. This undoubtedly increased sales of real estate and therefore reactive construction activity in the country. The small market in the construction that was active the Group came to have a large stake due to the nature and composition of the type of business, where it generates more profit in buying than on selling products achieving truly competitive prices, Gaining an advantage over the competition. This occurred in areas such as wood products, where the Group did not buy brokers or mills and extracting raw materials, industrialization and marketing. Also in the steel, cement and tubular maintained trade agreements with the plants, enjoying exclusive marketing and special discounts for volume purchases. This enabled the Hermanos Gaspard acquire at competitive prices, which are essential to its marketing philosophy, where the most important is the rotation and not the profit margin on each sale. This has been the business principle of the Hermanos Gaspard since the beginning. In this way allows for more sales and thus have a significant volume of purchases by supplier gaining advantages in the field of payment prices and superior to their competitors. Another advantage was the wide variety of products in the construction area that were in stock, which was another factor of choice for customers instead of buying a 20 or 30 different vendors and fight for the same commercial purposes with each one the client had everything in one place, all the products you need saving time and money. In the case of cables, ceramics, sanitary, plumbing supplies, electrical and other building products were imported directly from factories in the U.S., Asia and Latin America without getting prices and financing intermediaries impossible to obtain through third parties

Shop Divisions over 30.000 sold mostly imported products in the divisions of tools, appliances large and small, Appliances, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting, Gardening, Sports, Toys, Ceramics and Devices, Automotive, Business, Liquor & Home.

Hermanos Jose y Chamel Gaspard The store sales have been increasing steadily since its inception in 1995, where the sale of this with respect to the Patio was 5%. Today that proportion has increased from 50% to 55%, which is very important, as all sales are retail STORE. The Grupo J Gaspard objective was to keep the relationship from both areas at current levels, and Patio products that are high turnover and lower margins while in the store are high profit margin but lower turnover.

These traders are concentrated in the eastern region, an area of increased investment in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Complex in Venezuela, having also the largest tourist development in the country. Having presence in the state and Anzoategui, Monagas and Bolívar where there are major oil reserves and national parks gasified as Mochima, north coast of Anzuategui and Sucre, Araya Peninsula and Margarita course, which make up the largest tourist destination in Venezuela Is that the main reason for choosing this area for further expansion of the group.

1.998 year was a year of growth following the guidelines of the company, while group sales were estimated to be higher in real terms increased by almost 30% taking into account the country’s recession and the drop in oil prices, the budget deficit and the election process was really satisfying.

1.999 In the year begins under a big question mark where it was not clear the government’s economic program, an unstable political climate of the constitutional process and a really serious economic situation, where real interest rates are above 30% per year, upward trend for the alleged pressure on the exchange rate that many analysts consider overvalued, and a deficit on the gross domestic product of 10% in the most optimistic of cases. This panorama made to shareholders to redirect their development plans, including stop opening new branches like Anaco, and finish as fast as possible under construction. In addition, opening two new branches in Puerto Ordaz and El Tigre at the lowest possible investment in inventory. To achieve this we conducted a thorough study supported by the department to redistribute the products that are above the maximum stock in other locations and shops make assemble the parts of the existing inventory.

1.999 For the year finished constructing a branch of the Tigre consolidating the distribution of building materials in the South East of Venezuela.




With the deepening political crisis that occurs with the entrance of the government of Venezuela, was generated to a standstill in the construction sector, which is why the Grupo J Gaspard decided to suspend the expansion plan and the construction of the planned branch Anaco 2000.

The years 2000, 2001 and 2002 were years of economic and political crisis in the country where strikes were the order of the day and the unrest created an atmosphere of chaos in the country. Venezuela suffered a coup, general strikes, marches and the oil strike, which caused incalculable losses in the construction sector and the economy in general.

The banking sector reduced the commercial mortgage lending and stop the sale of apartments and the financing of the country’s productive sector. Additionally, interest rates rose from 22% to levels of 50, 70, 80 and even 105% per year, making it nearly impossible to keep the financial burden of the Group and of the production system across the country.

The Grupo J Gasparddecided in 2001 to make a shift in its main business lines distribution of building materials and hardware and home in the wake of the deepening social crisis, economic policy and that Venezuela was having to convert Centers Distribution in the 8 cities nationwide in shopping malls and business centers, thus taking advantage of strategic location and size. Of each Distribution Center.

That was how the Grupo J Gaspard enters its second stage of growth within a niche that had never ventured, and that by 2006 had developed shopping centers in the cities of Puerto La Cruz, Dairy, Intercommunal Avenue, Valencia University Avenue, In Lower Guarapiche Maturin, Puerto Ordaz, Alta Vista and Porlamar Warren Sector with over 150,000 m2 of retail space and over 200,000 office space.

In parallel, further logging activity achieved by the wholesale from industrial plants located in Barcelona and the State Guyana and two timber concessions produced and distributed more than 100,000 m3 of timber for industry and construction.

The Hermanos Gaspard reaffirms its confidence in Venezuela and is committed to the development of the country, the band was in the worst economic crisis in modern history of Venezuela that began in the mid-eighties and has remained to this day, we believe that we are a group product of moments of crisis where reality has made us develop aggressiveness, flexibility and business intuition to obtain and process of critical situations, thus achieving win-win situations resulting solid growth in our relatively short business. We can say with pride that the Grupo J Gaspard is among the most serious marketers, solid and prestigious in the country.

Since 2005 the Hermanos Gaspard participating through cooperatives, were devoted to the distribution of food to social programs in Non-Profit Hospitals, Schools and Integral Diagnostic Centers and Food House, where patients receive food daily, students and residents of the poorest neighborhoods in the most distant of the country covered half of Anzoategui and the entire state of Nueva Esparta, thus supporting the social and humanitarian program of the Venezuelan president.

These efforts and hard work have remained to the present, where despite the global crisis these vital social programs keep coming to this stratum of society.

Los Hermanos Gaspard han sembrado mas de un millón de árbolesLos Hermanos Gaspard have planted more than a million trees en the period between 2005 and 2010 The group has planted more than 1.00000 (one million) mahogany trees, a very long time investment which will only benefit in 30 years, but the contribution to the environment and create a environmental lung in the city of Barcelona, offsetting the pollution caused by industries surrounding the automotive market and growing every day.

Likewise, the Grupo J Gaspard continues to provide ornamentation to roads, parks and urban projects with planting date palms, coconut palms, chaguaramos, fan palm and more than 20 species of tropical palms essential in the landscapes that are developing around the country.

Among these works we can mention the Stages of Puerto Ordaz where more than 800 palms planted between dates and coconut, 8,000 m2 of grass and a number of plants throughout the development landscape development which the Government of Bolivar State.

The road that connects Lechería with Barcelona where more than 100 palms planted, the stages of Puerto La Cruz, Canal Point real estate projects like, Centurion, Las Villas, Dairy Plaza Bolivar, Plaza Bolívar de Catia, Plaza journalist in Puerto La Cruz, Millennium Mall, between more important.

The Grupo J Gaspard in its scholarship program for the poor has awarded scholarships of Secondary and Higher level for low-income employees and students for good behavior, have been selected for the scholarship program. In addition to the assistance plan that is constantly being made to cover diseases for Hermanos Gaspard employees.

In the area of grants, The Hermanos Gaspard, Jose and Chamel have maintained an active and important role in different fields like construction of the new stage of Santo Domingo de Guzmán Church, Anzoátegui State Dairy, Remodeling of the Church of North Lebanon Tours, support with clothing and medicine to Maria Teresa of Calcutta Orphanage in Naiguatá Venezuelan coast, annual support desks, benches and toys to the town council in Potoco Barcelona, Anzoátegui State, toys on the children in the town Sotillo, Outpatients Building Upata Bolivar State, building materials for the Recreation Center Lemon community Bolivar State, among the most important.

Within the plan for growth and development of the Grupo J Gaspard

  • The construction of 50,000 m2 of offices in Lecherias, Anzoátegui and construction of the Mall J Gaspard.
  • The completion in July 2011 the Centre for Local Merchants in El Tigre, Anzoátegui state with mini local food fair, Internet navigation center and communications center.
  • Installing a new hardwood floor to cover part of imports of this product are currently in the country where it generated more than 200 direct jobs and 350 indirect jobs.
  • The extension of the transport fleet with the acquisition of more than 30 units of tractor trailers for the distribution of forest products group.

The Enterprise Group of Jose Gaspard, Chamel Gaspard and Hermanos Gaspard is one of the leaders in the development of eastern Venezuela and generator of jobs to support not only strengthen the local economy but also of jobs and community support thus fulfilling fundamental principles of the group where the Hermanos Gaspard implement their commitment to work honestly for the welfare, honestly and to the best of each for the benefit of others.



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