Chamel Gaspard Backgrounds

Chamel Gaspard Backgrounds

The origin of what was the group provider of building materials, hardware and home to Venezuela’s most important is your starting point long before the founding of the first company in the group “WOOD J GASPARD CA” which was born in January 1987.

The Grupo J Gaspard begins to take shape with the preparation of its founders, the engineers José and Chamel Gaspard, born into a family of traditional wood. His father, Mr. Antonio Gaspard came to represent the largest forestry group in Venezuela until the early nineties.

From an early age during school holidays, the Hermanos Gaspard were assigned to participate in the production process in factories families to learn the daily tasks and absorb the discipline necessary for the job.

In 1980 Mr. Jose Gaspard finish their education in the specialty of Industrial Engineering at the Catholic University Andrés Bello in Caracas Venezuela, which ended in just four years, and Gaspard Chamel graduate of Mechanical Engineering at Sunderland University in England. Both graduated with first class honors. After completing his studies, he joined the family group of industries where Mr. Jose Gaspard, president of the Grupo J Gaspard, held positions that ranged from Plant Supervisor to General Manager of “Aserradero el Manteco” deputy director “Carabobo Panel and member Board of “serradero el Manteco”, “Sagromar” (heavy equipment company) and “Panel Carabobo”.

In 1983 Mr. Jose Gaspard decided to resign his post within his father’s industrial group to gain experience in farming. Some time later he began working in the multinational Schering-Plough, the manufacturer specifically Dr. Shool as Plant Manager, subsequently Began in sales and marketing in the timber industry.

In 1981 after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, with Comendation,  Mr. Chamel Gaspard also joined the industry group where his father started in the plant “Panel Carabobo” as a second technical Quality Control up to Plant Manager.

In 1983 passing of the plant manufactures the “Aserradero el Manteco” as Operations Manager up to Executive Vice President of “Aserradero el Manteco” at its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela.

In January 1987 Chamel Gaspard also disclaims the family business to start with Jose Gaspard, J Gaspard companies.



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