Jose Gaspard Morell Economic Improvement

The Hermanos Gaspard have taken their investments to many areas of the economy such as timber, banking, real estate, educational, agricultural, construction, imports, Jose  and Chamel Gaspard Morell reaffirmed their confidence in Venezuela and is committed to the development of the country, the group born in the worst economic crisis in modern history of Venezuela that began in the mid-eighties and has remained to this day. We consider that we are a product of moments of crisis where reality has made us develop aggressiveness, flexibility and business intuition to obtain and process of critical situations, thus achieving win-win situations resulting solid growth in our relatively short business. We can proudly say that Grupo J Gaspard is among the most serious marketers, solid and prestigious in the country.

Is a leader in the development of eastern Venezuela generating thousands of jobs and strongly support the economy of the region.

The Grupo of Jose Gaspard Morell has a plan where we try to help our employees with obtaining housing. Are requested via the Group loans to banks and helps employees obtain housing.



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