Sawmills Jose Gaspard Morell



The Grupo  J Gaspard owns two sawmills owned called Aserradero J Gaspard and one rented a Upata in Bolivar State. Both are dedicated to manufacturing the timber acquired by the Grupo  J Gaspard to obtain wood products to market, getting these products at below market rates to refrain from buying brokers. This operation is successfully achieved by the deep knowledge of the group in the area of extraction, production and finished in the timber industry. Notably, the production of both industries is totally absorbed by the group.


Concesión Maderas Nuria:

Maderas Nurias is a timber concession of 200,000 hectares over 40 years, where the Grupo  J Gaspard has a 25% stake and through which the Group obtains the trees needed for industrialization. In this way we obtain the vertical process of development in the timber industry, as it comes from the origin in the mountains to the final consumer, and makes this industry one of the more traditional and productive areas of the Group. From there the business was also born then planting mahogany, over 25 thousand mahogany trees and ornamental palms coconuts, dates, Chaguaramas, etc, which are now more than 30 000 trees planted on farms they are totally clean flat, geographically plantings planned. The group is beginning to transfer it to Miami and Panama, where he is working on two farms where it is doing all the logistics planning to grow plants and dates outside of Venezuela..




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